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The Equi-University website is a comprehensive means to help deliver information that will benefit horse owners from the novice to the professional.  An educational program that will help move everyone forward in becoming a better horseman will ultimately benefit the horse.  I believe every person involved with horses wants to do the best job possible in the care of the horse.  They are hungry for unbiased, fact-based information that they can use in taking care of their horses.  I have presented lectures/clinics around the world and the common question from horse owners is “what I can do better”.

New and current horse owners have  multiple of sources of information related to breeding, raising, training and keeping horses at their disposal.  Unfortunately, many of these sources are steeped in folklore and often contain many myths and unsubstantiated information.  The internet is a great example in that there is a plethora of misinformation that many horse owners rely on as they consider it to be a credible source of information. Equi-University relies on proven, science based or unbiased, easily understood information that one can reference to minimize this information gap.


Dr. Godbee

Equi-University founder Dr. Richard Godbee, Ph.D., PAS, Dipl ACAS is a lifelong horseman and leading expert on a wide variety of equine related topics.


  • Outstanding strategic leadership skills
  • Strong passion for education and research development
  • Knowledge of animal and equine science in both higher education and private sector Strong ability to create strategic alliances
  • Expertise in building teams with diverse functional memberships
  • Development of innovative, effective products adding millions of dollars in revenue Member American College of Animal Science
  • Service on national, college and departmental committees Member American Registry of Professional Animal Scientist


  • Top Ten Professors, College of Agricultural Sciences, Clemson University Established industry supported undergraduate scholarships, Clemson University Board Certified in Animal Nutrition
  • Elected to Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta and Sigma Xi Conducted research in companion and production animals
  • Numerous Publications, including referred, bulletins popular and abstracts Service on Eight Boards of Directors
  • Service as Adjunct Faculty at several universities
  • Extensive (invited) presentations, talks, seminars, and lectures domestic and international


Ph.D. Animal Nutrition, Colorado State University, 1978.
Major: Equine Nutrition and Production

MS    Animal Science, University of Georgia, 1975.
Major: Ruminant Nutrition

B.S.A. Animal Science, University of Georgia, 1973.

A.S.A. Agriculture, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, 1971.

2011-Present Director Technical Service
Director Research & Development
Nutritional Technical Services Manager
Central Garden & Pet, Phoenix, AZ

Responsible for internal and external education for marketing, sales, and consumers of the equine nutritional products. Responsible for innovation in nutritionals for equine and companion animals. Review of current products to enhance value to consumers.

2010-2011 Director Education and Research
Crooked Willow Foundation, Larkspur, CO

Responsible for producing and implementing the educational program for all types of livestock producers, designing research projects to help answer needs in multiple species of livestock and companion animals.

2004-2010 Director – Animal Nutrition, Research and Development Director – Companion Animal Nutrition Group
Senior Manager – Companion Animal Nutrition Group

Morinda Holdings, Provo, UT

Responsible for technical service, product development, and education and training of distributors. Also responsible for management of the Companion Animal Nutrition Group. Direct research and product development in production and companion animals. Responsible for over $1M in research funding, development of innovative botanical based companion and production animal products that increased sales over $3M dollars in the first two years. Directed AAFCO feed definition application for a new feed ingredient.

1992-2013 Vice President – Product Research and Development
Evergreen Equine Products, Temecula, CA

Responsible for feed formulation, product development and marketing plan of a premium line of horse products.

2000-2002 Vice President of Operations
Richdel, Inc., Carson City, NV

Formulated many new innovative, commercially successful products, designed and oversaw several plant upgrades, and instituted written quality control procedures. Provided technical service in nutrition and horse management to distributors and end-users.

1994-2000 Project Manager – Contract Employee
Anheuser-Busch, Fort Collins, CO

Responsible for $8M per year in plant-wide capital projects. Project emphasis on engineering, utility conservation and training/teaching. Strong skills in SAP/R3.

1984-1991 Acting Director, Research and Development
Manager, Farr Equine Programs
Nutritionist / Horse Specialist

W.R. Grace & Co., Farr Better Feeds, Greeley, CO

Responsible for over $500K in research contracts, innovative product development that added $5+M in sales. Oversaw acquisition of two firms, and managed extensive product development in highly successful horse feed operation. Served as a feedlot nutritionist with specific account responsibility.

1978-1984 Assistant Professor of Animal Science
Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Equine Teaching and Research; Nutrition Faculty; Faculty Supervisor; Horse and Sheep Teaching and Research Farm. State Extension Beef and Swine Specialist.

1977-1978 Lecturer
California State University, Fresno, CA

Beef Cattle production, Ruminant Nutritionist, Faculty Supervisor: Beef Cattle Unit.


  • Equine Nutrition
  • Equine Science
  • Horse Production
  • Feeds and Feeding
  • Equitation (western)
  • Introduction to Animal Science
  • Animal Nutrition (graduate level)
  • Introduction to Agriculture
  • Beef Production
  • Livestock Evaluation
  • Intermediary Metabolism (graduate level)



  • Equine Affaire, Springfield, MA 2016 (two lectures)
  • Western States Horse Expo, Sacramento, CA 2016 (four lectures)
  • Equine Affaire, Springfield, MA 2015 (two lectures)
  • Equine Affaire, Columbus, OH 2014 (2 lectures)
  • Western States Horse Expo, Sacramento, CA 2013 (three lectures)
  • Western States Horse Expo, Pomona, CA 2013 (two lectures)
  • Equine Affaire, Springfield, MA 2012 (two lectures)
  • Western States Horse Expo, Sacramento, CA, 2012 (three lectures)
  • Primer Taller Para Caballistas, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2012, 2013
  • Equine Affaire, Columbus, OH, 2012 (two lectures)
  • Equine Affaire, Pomona, CA, 2012
  • Equine Affaire, Springfield, MA, 2011
  • Western Regional Grazing Conference for Organic Dairies, Chico State University, Chico, CA, 2010
  • International Lectures: Germany, Ireland, England, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, and Australia 2004-2008
  • 8th Congresso Internacional de MVZ Especialistas en Bovinos, Torreon, Mexico, 2008
  • Coastal Bend Veterinary Association CE by the Sea, Port Aransas, TX 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013
  • Equitanna Pacific Rim, Melbourne, Australia, 2005
  • Mid-West Horse Fair, Madison, WI 2005
  • Equine Affaire, Pomona, CA, 2005
  • California Thoroughbred Farm Managers Club, Murrieta, CA, 2004
  • Second Annual UA Horse Conference, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, 2003
  • Charmayne James Barrel Racing Clinics, 2001 -2003 (twelve clinics)
  • Georgia Horse Fair, Perry, GA, 2002
  • Southern National Horse Exposition, Perry, GA, 2001, 2002
  • Nutraceutical Alliance Second Annual Symposium, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 2001
  • Idaho Guides and Outfitters Association, Annual Convention, Moscow, ID, 1990
  • Colorado Outfitters Association, Annual Convention, Denver, CO, 1990
  • North American Trail Ride Conference, Annual Convention, Kansas City, MO, 1990
  • Alberta Horse Breeders Conference, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, 1988 (two lectures)
  • FCX Feed Company Sales Meeting, Raleigh, NC, 1983
  • Diamond V Mills Annual Sales Meeting, Cedar Rapids, IA, 1983
  • Horse Nutrition and Feeding Short Course, Utah State University, Logan, UT, 1983 (four lectures)
  • Maryland Nutrition Conference, Washington, D.C., 1983
  • ASAS-CSAS Joint Annual Meeting, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 1982
  • Georgia Horse Breeders Short Course, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 1981
  • Greenwood County Horse Short Course, Greenwood, SC, 1980
  • International Stockmen’s School, Tucson, AZ, 1980 (two lectures)


  • 1983:
    The Effect of soybean meal, pre-press solvent extracted cottonseed meal or mechanically extracted cottonseed meal on growth and protein status of yearling horses. Eighth Equine Nutr. and Physiol. Sym., Lexington, KY
  • 1982:
    Metabolism stalls for male equine. Southern Section ASAS, Orlando, FL
  • 1981:
    A comparison Study using SEM of cell wall attachment and degradation in ruminants and non-ruminant herbivores. Seventh Equine Nutr. and Physiol. Sym., Warrenton, VA
  • 1979:
    Nitrogen absorption from the cecum of a mature horse. Sixth Equine Nutr. and Physiol. Sym., College Station, TX
  • 1978:
    Effect of supplemental lysine and methionine of digestibility, nitrogen balance and plasma amino acid concentrations of growing calves. Western Section ASAS, Pomona, CA
  • 1977:
    Commercial urea protein blocks for broodmares, 69th Annual Meeting ASAS, Madison, WI


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Morinda citrifolia based formulations for regulating T-cell immunomodulation in neonatal stock animals #8,652,546


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